Brooksville Elementary School
School Sketch   
1527 Coastal Road
Brooksville, Maine 04617
Telephone: (207) 326-8500
Fax: (207) 326-9195
clepper [at] brooksvilleschool [dot] org

Cammie Lepper - Principal

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Our School's Vision:

Every child’s education matters. In Brooksville, learning is personalized and incorporates the resources of the entire community with a hands-on, project-based approach focused on academic excellence. Students develop solid work habits and are responsible, respectful, confident, and engaged life-long learners with high aspirations. They are well prepared for life as kind, thoughtful, and resilient global citizens.

Our school has:

Academic Rigor

·       We provide a customized education tailored to each child’s different learning styles and needs.

·       We set high standards for individualized learning.

·       We give extra support, as needed, to help each child reach their highest potential.

·       Our curriculum is dynamically evolving through educational research and professional development.

A Lively, Positive, Caring and Respectful Culture

·       All members of the school community treat each other respectfully, in a positive, kind manner.

·       We foster trust among all members of the school community.

·       Our students are excited, active participants in learning.

·       We are energetic and spirited; our school is abuzz with activity.

·       Our staff fosters an active, engaging environment.

Passionate, Caring and Collaborative School Community

·       We have strong, visionary leadership.

·       Parents and staff work collaboratively to meet each child’s specific needs.

·       Our staff are passionate, engaged and cooperative with pupils, parents, and peers.

·       Our staff demonstrates flexibility and teamwork, putting student needs first.

·       Our staff members are life-long learners who strive for excellence.

·       Staff receives ongoing, constructive support from leadership, parents, school board, and community.

Solid Community Partnerships

·       We encourage open communication that builds confidence, trust, and viable partnerships.

·       Our town is a rich, vibrant, close-knit community invested in supporting learning.

·       Our school utilizes the natural and human resources in our community as part of our children’s education.

Positive, Respectful, Open Communication

·       Our staff and school board solicit feedback, actively listen and take action when appropriate.

·       Our Superintendent, School Board and Principal communicate regularly and effectively with staff and community resulting in strong, open, respectful communication with everyone.

We envision our rural school as a model for academic excellence and a stimulating education, demonstrating how a small school can thrive by harnessing its inherent advantages. Our students are inspired by our community-based, vibrant, caring, individualized education, developing an enthusiasm for life-long learning. Students graduate with a solid foundation, well prepared for success in the future.

*Staff includes all employees of the school.

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